Passages is a label designed by Gérard Van Glabeke, which offers its first collection LE PASSAGER:

Bags for both men and women, whether local city dwellers or worldwide adventurers . From suitcases to handbags, shoulder bags for computers, double duffel bags, revisited backpacks, small leather goods, weekend bags, changing bags,  city bags made with leather and canvas, and outdoor waterproof bags.

Gerard is an experienced bag designer. He has been creating, designing and producing bags for over 25 years for luxury brands and chain stores. His leitmotif: to harmonize the functional and the aesthetical aspects of a bag. Gérard draws his inspiration from his native Congo, a country in  Africa which still influences his choices of materials and colours, from his adventures aboard his sailing boat between Hong Kong and France, from Brittany, his land of adoption, where he set up his first design studio, and Portugal, his place of residence and work. Nomadism is the spice of his creativity.

The concept 

"The philosophy behind PASSAGES bags is an harmony between functionality and imagination, originally created from notebooks filled with travel notes, pencil strokes, colours, melodies, scents, leading to a final product with both a multicultural yet contemporary look ".


"Each bag is, on the one hand, designed considering the ideal volume for the different things you take with you, with a storage place for specific objects, and on the other hand, considering the choice of the materials, according to their softness, their thickness and their feeling. It is a constant search for both aesthetics and functionality, harmony and solidity with well-adapted reinforcement points. "

Passages ?

Our former family home, located in the South Finistère in the Carnoët forest on the banks of the Laïta River, has always been known as the "Maison du Passage", where there used to be a ferryman who carried people from one bank to the other, between the Finistère and the Morbihan.
And the studio that I had set up in a fisherman's house in Concarneau, located... in the Passage district.
It seemed an evidence to give continuity to these beautiful memories. »

Le Passager ?

« At the beginning we had launched Le Passager, an original idea of Catherine, and over time Le Passager has become a collection that will remain emblematic, a symbol of our project. »